Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday Craft TWO

M&M Kid Candy Jars
Okay, so this idea naturally came from the mason jar idea and seeing some of the empty baby food jars being stored in my cabinet. But I also found this cool way to cover jar lids from DesignSponge. This link takes you to the directions for this project. I am still going to show my step by step as well, just because I want to. 
Obviously, I used baby food jars for this project which saved money because I just needed to save up Adley's baby food jars as she went through them. This did not take long. :) 
Alright, so here are the supplies for this project: 
1. Baby Food Jars 
2. GooGone 
3. Clorox 
4. Scrapbook Paper (thinner paper may work better)
5. ModPodge 
6. Ribbon
7. Pencil
8. Paintbrush
9. Scissors
10. Ruler
1. First step is to clean the baby food jars. I used GooGone to get the glue from the labels off the baby food jars. I then disinfected the jars with a little clorox. Some baby food jars hold the smell of the baby food. The clorox helps take care of this little problem. Make sure to do these steps in a well-ventilated area. Both of these products get VERY fume-y. You live, you learn.  
2. After you have cleaned all of your jars and let them dry, the fun part begins. Trace the lid on the back of your scrapbook paper with your pencil. (The paper I used was double sided.) You can't see the pencil line in this picture but it is there. From your traced circle, measure a bigger circle (height of the lid + 1/4" for wrapping over). Cut around the bigger circle. Since all of my jar lids were the same size, I just used the first one to trace and cut out the rest. Once you have your circles cut out, mark every approximate 1/4" around your circle. 

Then cut at every mark from edge to your mark for the smaller circle. I had already cut the slits in the picture above but thought you could see it better here. 

3. Now gluing begins.. Put ModPodge in the smaller circle as shown below. 

And affix the lid in place. I let it dry a little so it wasn't sliding all over the place while I was trying to glue the rest. 

4. Begin gluing strips 2 or 3 at a time and move around the lid clockwise. Here is where the thinner paper may come into play. I had to hold the glued strips and press them firmly as I went around to make sure they adhered to the lid. I think thinner paper would fold and glue easier than some scrapbook paper. 

Continue process all the way around the lid. I coated the paper to seal. 

Then flipped it over and coated top with ModPodge as well. Let dry. Notice my crafty ruler drying rack. 

After drying, fill jar with candy! :) Put the lid on and tie ribbon around the top of jar. 
Note: Baby food jar lids don't go back on very easily anyway... so with the added paper they are hard to get back on tightly. It is doable but get ready for a tad bit of frustration. 
Here is the cute finished product! 


  1. yay! they were SO cute!!! love that you're posting these!

  2. Okay! Adley is a really good girl to allow you time to do this!!! Love them!