Sunday, November 21, 2010

Birthday Craft ONE

Candy Mason Jars
This is me at the start of my project. Well after collecting all of the necessary supplies. My supplies are 1. Variety of Scrapbook Paper 2. Cupcake and Circle Template (I made this in a word document and printed it out.) 3. Mason Jars 4. Ribbon 5. Mod Podge 6. Heart hole punch And a few other usual items: 7. Scissors 8. Paintbrush 9. pencil/pen

Oh wait one more, . 10. CHOCOLATE! Yes this is a necessary supply item for me. It helps me to mark the progress of my task. Work a little, eat a little.. I can find myself many an excuse to eat chocolate and this is just one of them. ;) hmm, maybe I should apply it to my blog posts.. then maybe I would post more often.. 

This is what the jar looks like close to the end of the project. There is this cupcake shop that opened up here recently when I was browsing around for ideas for birthday party favors. I got the idea to decorate a mason jar from their cute cupcake in a jar. I love mason jars :) 

So first job is to cut out the circles. I measured the inside of the top of the mason jar, it was pretty close to 2 inches. On the computer, I printed out a couple of circles with sizes close to 2 inch diameter and then tried them out to see which fit. 
I traced and cut out the circles. 
I had to play with the size of the cupcake too, just based it on what it looked like on the circles. 
Traced them on the back of the scrapbook paper and cut them all out and played with the colors, lining them up for easy gluing. I also punched out hearts and decided where to put them. 

ModPodge the top of the jar. It gets pretty self-explanatory from there. I used Mod Podge between each layer and on top to seal it. I didn't take the first two pictures in succession so that is why the colors do not match up. 

I let them dry and then tied ribbon around the lid of the jar. I also filled the jar with candy. These last few pictures also allow for a sneak peak into craft number 2!