Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, July 12, 2010

growing like a weed

Adley is 9.5 months old. I took her to the doctor last week. She only had one shot and a prick on her toe. I thought for sure this would be the time she really fussed about it. Nope, she's tough, took it like a champ. Must not have been the stinging kind. She weighed 17 lbs. and is 27 inches long.
So she has been crawling for a while now and just learned a new trick in the past couple days. Ryan made her do a little squat "workout," and the next day she started pulling up on a couple things. And then yesterday morning, Ryan came in to this...

Actually she wasn't just standing there, she was reaching her very hardest for the nice ipod on her night stand.. Ryan said when she saw him she pulled her arm back real quick like she knew she wasn't supposed to be doing it. I think he just startled her.

Look at that sweet confused face. 

If she looks like she is about to cry or stick that bottom lip out, she is. She wants to be in her daddy's arms so bad and she just doesn't understand why he left her in her crib to go get the camera! So cute!

All day today she has been pulling up everywhere. I can't leave her anywhere, not even a minute or two before she is pulling herself up on something scary. I even set her at my feet in the kitchen (because I needed to keep my eye on her while I was getting dinner ready) and she got herself standing by the cabinet. I don't know how, there is nothing to grab there. I'm going to have to see if she will try it again tomorrow.

She obviously is changing so fast and learning new things. I want to pull her out and make her start all over again.. means I'm ready for another one right???.. Hah!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

stay positive!

So I thought it would be a good idea to start my blog by talking about this book I am reading, The Power of a Positive Mom, by Karol Ladd. I joined a mom's group at my church a little late, so I am not all caught up. But what I have read has been great. The book is broken up into 7 principles and each principle has 2 or 3 chapters on it. In our group this week we have read about attitude. I am a procrastinator.. so I had to get up early to finish my reading this morning before we met! I tried to finish yesterday but with this little chick watching me it didn't quite happen.
But yesterday I got through the first chapter of the principle on good attitude and wouldn't you know I needed the encouragement to change my attitude..? It really hit me right then in the moment. Truth be told I do not know if there is a day when I do not need that! That's what I love about this book. It really speaks to things moms (and really everyone) struggle with everyday! It is easy to identify with and can be applied further than with just your children. It is a very easy read and works on your heart and mind as you read it, cheering you up and empowering you to make the effort to change. It also has great little ideas to help you keep yourself and your children in a positive mindset. I hope as my baby girl grows, I remember to implement some of Ladd's ideas. Anyway the part yesterday that I really loved was the emphasis on perspective and contentment. It really challenged me to focus on what is good and positive rather than negative. I believe focusing on the positive definitely improves your mood and also helps keep your motivation up during the day. 
The Power of a Positive Mom: Revised Edition