Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Birthday Baby!

My baby is 1! We had a little party for her over a month ago! I know I am SO late posting these.. My excuses: 1. Family in town 2. Baby's first stomach bug... ewh! 3. two trips. 4. I'm lazy. 
Here are some pictures from the day! :) Actually just pictures from Adley "eating" her cake, because that is really what first birthdays are all about, watching a baby dig into a yummy cake for the first time!  

She had fun playing with her cake. Didn't really eat much of it, just smooched it around. 

In the end, she pulled it into her lap!
Time is up! Really not sure how some ended up on that little foot.. 
Thanks again to everyone that joined us or thought about us that day! 
ADLEY had a blast :) Big smile! 
P.S. I got into this little chick's birthday party. I am hoping to post some pictures of a craft or two I did for her party. Hopefully, coming soon! 

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