Sunday, January 1, 2012

2 things i learned

So I received a cookbook for Christmas, The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen. As I tried two of the recipes in the past two days, I have learned two little things... 

1. toothpicks can be put in the oven while cooking.. who woulda thunk?! That was definitely a new thought to me! I learned this from the Brown Sugar Bacon Bites. Yum appetizer recipe! 

2. a little pesto goes a long way! I also tried the Pesto Pasta Salad recipe. I tried to change it up a bit and adjust it to only make a couple servings.. It was.. ehh.. alright but I used too much pesto. I will try it again. 

by the way.. i know this is a lousy post after an over 6+ months hiatus, but you have to start somewhere.. and this seemed like a quick little post. 
Here is a quick pic of Adley helping me with some baking we did before Christmas :) It is from my phone so it is a bit blurry. 

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