Sunday, May 22, 2011

'Weekend' Project

Here is what we worked on this weekend. :) It was really just a 2 afternoon project. We do not have the frames filled with our pictures yet, at least not all of them. But I am pretty proud of our work, so I wanted to go ahead and show it off. 
This is something we have wanted to do for a while. We have collected these frames over the past year or so. While watching HGTV, I saw a tip about hanging multiple frames or artwork. 
Here is the tip. (In my opinion, it worked beautifully.) 
1. Lay paper on the ground, and arrange the frames/artwork on the paper like you want them. 
2. Then make marks on the paper where you want the nails. 
3. Tape the paper to the wall. 
4. Hammer the nails through the paper. 
5. Take the paper down, tearing around the nails. 
6. Hang up the frames. 
7. Voila! Step back and admire. 
This may not be revolutionary for you, but it sure made my life easier today! This project still took a lot of measurements and time. It was a lot easier to make those measurements on the paper than trying to do that on the wall. 
I used craft paper that is about the size of wrapping paper. I needed two strips of paper for the height of the arrangement of frames. I taped the two pieces together, and I used the bottom of the lower paper as the level part. Can you tell I am impressed with Ryan and myself?

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  1. looks awesome!! can't wait to see it in person!