Wednesday, August 11, 2010


So I went to a different Publix today than normal. I had to mail birthday presents for my nephews. I needed to get a couple bags to send for wrapping and there is a dollar store and pack and ship place next to this Publix.
So here is the real story.. As I was walking out with my groceries there was a news reporter walking towards me with a camera. He wanted to ask me a couple questions. I was actually terrified by this request but was too embarrassed to say no. I had not showered and looked pretty raunchy, but I was actually worried he would play one of my clips and I would look stupid. (As if I know anyone who watches local news.) He tells me what the story is all about. So he goes ahead with a couple questions, and I "answered" them. The story was some guys had been arrested at the Publix yesterday for using fraudulent gift cards. I guess my answers were not concerned enough because he didn't use my answers. :) It would have been funnier for this if he had used my answers, I could have posted a clip. We watched the news and turns out the reporter did not tell me the whole story. I might have been more of a concerned citizen if he had, but oh well. Still wasn't much concern for me with all the other things in the world that do!
Another funny part of the story is that right as the reporter was finished with me, Ryan walked up. It was totally unexpected. He saw me being interviewed across the parking lot. I did not know he was working in town today and I did not know he even had a store right by there. Quite a world wind of events. Adley just chilled in the grocery cart, so excited about seeing her daddy!
Okay, now time for cookies and ice cream!

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